"Play drum for peace" operation


The poetry's mondial day has been created in 1977, introduced by Arthur and Moussia HAULOT, creators of the International poetry's house of BRUXELLES.

   After the events of the 11th of September 2001, the creators of the operation wanted to say that it is not only celebrating peace, but also calling for children of the world to unite to build. This idea of « Playing drums for peace » is also called « Mondial journey against racism ».

A new theme is proposed every year, depending on the volunteer citizen theme. So the poetry's pre-reflexion made us conscious of how the violence is close to us, and provided war and peace words through medias.

The decade is over, and after this adventure's success, it appears as imperative to pursue this hopefull initiative  against society's problems. In 2015, in 120 countries, 800 000 childs did participate to this operation.

If you are interested about "Play drum for peace" operations, or even to organize those events in your region, you can get the information documents and the gatherer's kit here :