Association's historic


   In 1987, a year before he leaved us and right after he'd been named as president of the French Revolution's commemoration by François MITTERAND and Jacques CHIRAC, the Président Edgard FAURE asked to Yvon ROUSSEL how he could bring 4000 drummers to different events.

       Yvon ROUSSEL asked Robert GOUTE (who was at the Air music), nationally renowned Tambour-Major, network man, who was taking care of the youth since 1947, President of the Tambour Major's National Comission, to go with him, and to lead the operation.

 September the 2nd in 1990, the international Franch drumming school's association, or « LES TAMBOURS DE 89» was born ! Robert GOUTE has been elected as president !

       At the 1990 September the 2's constituent assembly, succeeded the general elective Assembly with the office members election, from the administration and the technical comitees (cf Magazine N°1 ).

      After setting up the Federal associations, we have become the International French Drumming School Federation, called « LES TAMBOURS DE 89 ».



         In 1992, we presented some audit results and some projects to communicate to the whole country, and maybe then, to the rest of the world to Jack LANG, the minister who was in charge of Culture, national education and Communication. 

         In 1995, Robert GOUTE left the role of President, and proposed to the Assembly to elect Yvon ROUSSEL, and that's what they did. The new president asked the assembly to create a Founding Honorary President place for Robert GOUTE, wich was voted unanimously.

In 2000,drum's development as youth way of expression brought us to respond positively to Frederico MAYOR, UNESCO's Manager, who launched the « PALY DRUM FOR PEACE » operation, to which we associated, thanks to International Poetry House's President, based in Bruxelles : Arthur HAULOT.

In 2002, After the events of September the 11th 2001, the 53/25 resolution voted at the ONU, was activated to call every children of the world to unite and build a durable peace, but also to fight against racism !

 In 2002, from June the 28th to the 30th,our drummers was Louis SALAMIN's guests at the 27th Fife, Bugle and Drum Federal Party in SIERRE in SWITZERLAND , thanks to the new president of the Swiss Association : Markus ESTERMANN. And that is how the art of French drumming was able to express himself in Switzerland.


July the 6th and the 7th 2002, with support and financial aid from Saint-Brieuc Concil, Côtes d’Armor's General Concil, and Brittany's regional Concil we created the first International Drum Festival of Saint-Brieuc. 

Reiterated every year, his success allowed us to build, as part of the festival, Instrumental Drum National Contest in 2012, and then in 2015 the Drum Corps National Contest.

Tambour St Brieuc.jpg

 In 2007 September, we intervene in Vladivostok :

• During Far East University President's Congress, where we could demonstrate every advantages of the Franch technique, which allows greater comprehension easein every areas and especially education !

• At Drum School's Symposium, thanks to which we could compare our technique with the Ruissian and the Japanese ones. Those Far East technicians were surprised, by what was done and written in France since Thoinot ARBEAU in 1589.

The press conference, our various interventions and performances through television medias, radio shows and papers interested a lot Sibery's Governor, Sergei DARKINE, who asked us to play for the 4th Pacific Movie's Festival in Vladivostok.

In 2008, according to the plan developped  in 2002 by Madame Sylvie HUBAC, Director of the Music, the Dance and the Theatre, signed two bylaws which are the following :

• The creation of the percussion State Diploma, with a Drum option,

• The creation of the Drum corp direction or Drum and Fife Corp direction State Diploma

In 2009, with the help of Foreign Affair's Ministery, we went to the Mondial Drum's Festival in Bupyung,close to Seoul, in South Korea. The event was a succes, bringing more than 1 million people.

This triggered  the development  of new exchanges who multiplied with the «Calm morning country». So we have honored the Universal Friendship Treaty which binds us with Korea since 1884 !

In 2014, our national drum corp performed with WOODKID, the musician who fills the « ZENITH » without advertising, during his tour in France !

With him, we also traveled to Canada, to perform in Montreal, during the Montreal's International Jazz Festival, in front of 143000 people, and «La PRESSE », the bigger Newspaper from Quebec, headlined by his editor-in-chief, Jacques BRAULT: « Holly surprise, French Drums at the opening of the Montreal's International Jazz Festival».

Finally ! The Drum is recognized as part of the current music, who believed it ! How much time would it take in France to understand this ?

In 2015, we created the National Traineeship for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle in VERSAILLES from October the 19th to the 23th at the Military music of the Land Army's Conservatory thanks to the Colonel SORLIN, with support of  the Defense Ministry.

In 2016, we developped our relations with Australia, thanks to the Hauts de France drummers, and organized a meeting in Paris with our représentatives and Australia's ones, from April the 21th to the 27th. In 2017 from February the 13th to the 16th: meeting with Michaël EAGLENew York Albany University percussion orchestra's manager.

In 2018, we had the chance to be host the 2nd International Rudimental Drummer's Symposium at the Invalid Hotel in Paris, which requiered a constant invesment since the 1st Symposium of Berne in September 2016. This meeting allowed to gather 79 drummers, from twelve different countries ! 

This intense exchange week-end allowed us to share our different drum cultures, but also his practises and technical approach, especially through the themed conferences, which took place during those three days. The week-end finally finished around performances, performed by the Tambours de Nouvelle France, the Tam' Breizh, and a part of the Royal Marines from Portsmouth  leaded by Russell Pinner, but also every drum masters willing to play drum music pieces from different origins. 

Also, This 2nd Symposium allowed us to prepare the next edition, which will take place en 2020, in Portsmouth, but also to create the SIRD ("Society of International Rudimental Drummers"), which you will fine some more detail in the "SIRD" tab.