Welcome to the French Drumming School's website, also called les Tambours de 89 !

Created in 1990 September , our association tries to gather french drummers, by doing some events like festivals, gatherings, masterclasses...

We also established a contact with others drummers of the world, through the "International Rudimental Drummer's Symposium", whose the last edition was in France, at the Invalides,  September 2018, from the 28th to the 30 th. 

The associations brings together drum masters, via the national group, which aims to demonstrate technique and tradition of the french Drum, through various performances,often taking place in an international context. 

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Notre association accueille des volontaires dans le cadre du service civique, nous permettant de proposer des postes enrichissants à la fois pour le candidat et l'association. Vous pouvez vous renseigner sur nos offres en consultant le site du service civique.